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Navigating Divorce?


Hi! I'm Sharon.

For personalised support and guidance, connect with Sharon Goodwin, a compassionate and highly experienced financial adviser at 123 Financial Group.

Sharon specialises in assisting individuals during separation and divorce, offering over 25 years of expertise in the financial services industry.

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Phone: (02) 4920 7886


Sharon has a proven track record of helping clients navigate the complexities of divorce, and is dedicated to providing the expert support you need during this challenging period.

She has a particular interest in supporting women, ensuring they receive the tailored assistance they deserve.

You don’t have to go through this journey alone; reach out to Sharon today.

Thriving Not Surviving eBook

For Women

Making the decision to divorce at any stage of life is difficult; no one goes into marriage preparing for it to end — it’s forever, right?

It can be an overwhelming time when you are suddenly forced to look at your future and can’t see any brightness ahead.

But things begin to change when you take the first step towards reclaiming your independence and financial well-being.

Welcome to Thriving Not Surviving, your essential guide to navigating this life-changing transition with your finances (and sanity!) intact.

Discover essential information on managing your finances effectively during divorce, including organising your financial situation, making informed decisions amidst divorce challenges, and avoiding common financial pitfalls to ensure a secure financial future.

You've got this!

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