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Priced from: $2000 +GST per month

Your business is cruising along and you have all the systems in place for continued growth.

Now is the time to start enjoying some freedom and living your life, rather than just working hard day-in and day-out.

But you know that you are at the nitty gritty stage of your business, and you are also aware just how easy it is to undo all the years of hard work you have put in to get it to this point.

Now it is all about staying on top, without being sucked back into the daily detail.

You want access to a virtual CFO, who will monitor your cashflow, complete your forecasting and take care of the financial management of your business. Leaving you to focus on continued growth and the final destination.

You want to have all of the important information on hand, so that you feel in control of your business. You want access to dashboard data and to attend monthly executive meetings, where together we can set targets, action plans and discuss the growth of your business in real time.

You also want to ensure that all personal financial decisions and insurances are the best for you and your family. You really want us to be your partner in business – and life.

Package includes:

Please note: For all packages, reconciling accounts and bookkeeping is an added extra.

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