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Priced from: $1200 +GST per month

You have worked incredibly hard, and your business is really taking off. You are already working smarter (not harder!) and are at the stage where your time working on the business is finally paying dividends. You want to expand on this success. You are already in the air… but you know you can go higher.

You have no desire to be involved in the accounting side of your business but still want to be kept updated on a regular basis.

You still want the dashboard reports so that you can keep your finger on the pulse. But more importantly, you are excited to have access to quarterly, one-on-one coaching sessions with us, where together we will set targets, action plans and KPIs to ensure that your business soars to the next level with minimal wind resistance.

You know you need this and are fully aware that holidays and more downtime are an important part of your next growth phase.

Package includes:

Please note: For all packages, reconciling accounts and bookkeeping is an added extra.

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