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Tradies Only

Priced from: $280 + GST

You are a sole trader in the building and construction industry. You are just starting out in business or have no desire to be anything other than a sole trader… and regarding employees, NO WAY! you say.

Your business is taking up all of your days, and many of your nights, and the last thing you want to do is boring, repetitive book work. You would rather hit your thumb with a hammer than sit and do your lodgements with the ATO (and worry that you have done things incorrectly!).

You know your time is better spent earning income because that’s what you are good at, after all.

You love this package because it is written for you and will make sure you pay as little tax as is legally possible, while ensuring that you meet all your lodgement deadlines – including those pesky TPAR’s and Long Service Leave.

This package is the nuts and bolts of being in business, instead of working for someone else, but without the worry of missing something.

Package includes:

Please note: For all packages, reconciling accounts and bookkeeping is an added extra.

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